2011 Celebration of Student Research

NMU Celebration of Student Research

On April 14, 2011 NMU hosted it's 16th annual Celebration of Student Research and 12 McNair students participated. The scholars put a lot of hard work into their posters and research presentations and in the end, they all turned out fabulous!


Kate A.

Kate Abrahamsson stands proudly by her poster.


Ricki O

Ricki Oldenkamp presents her research to the audience.


Nancy K

Nancy Kenok explain her research to several excited NMU students.


Emily P

Emily Perdue proudly stands by her poster.


Posters on display

Eva Statler's and Paula Fata's posters on display at the Celebration.


Andrea S

Andrea Selmser presenting her research to an audience of interested NMU students.


Linda poster

A student reads over the poster of scholar Linda Sirois.


Research chatting

Scholar's Ricki Oldenkamp and Emily Sprengelmeyer are deep in scholarly conversation.


Quentin S.

Scholar Quentin Sprengelmeyer proudly stands by his poster.


Eva S

Eva Statler stands by her poster, ready for any question that may be thrown at her!


Kate A

Kate takes a few moments to explain her research to an interested NMU student.


Justine P

Justine Pinskey explains her research during her oral presentation.


Eva S.

Eva Statler explains her research to interested individuals.


Emily S

Emily Sprengelmeyer stands by her poster, excited to share her research with others.


McNair Ladies

The Celebration of Student Research was a great success and scholars Ricki, Justine, Emily and Nancy were all smiles at the end of the day!