Faculty Mentorships and Research

Student doing researchWorking with a faculty mentor and conducting research after the completion of one's junior year are two of the key elements of the McNair Scholars Program. Scholars are actively involved in the entire process.

From seeking out faculty mentors, identifying research they are interested in, conducting research under the supervision of the faculty mentor and eventually presenting their research findings, scholars are kept busy.

For their efforts, scholars receive up to a $2,500 research stipend and a tuition waiver for two college credits.


The 2013 summer faculty mentors:

Erich Ottem, Ph.D.

Robert Belton, Ph.D.

Timothy Hilton, Ph.D..

Alan Rebertus, Ph.D.

Mounia Ziat, Ph.D.

Jessica Thompson, Ph.D.

Marguerite Moore, Ph.D.

Hugo Eyzaguirre, Ph.D.

Jill B.K. Leonard, Ph.D.

Scott Drum, Ph.D.

Amy Hamilton, Ph.D.

Harry Whitaker, Ph.D.

John Rebers, Ph.D.

Deanna Trella, Ph.D.

Katherine Teeter, Ph.D.

Previous Faculty Mentors