Content and Format

Normally, the content of your publication is your responsibility. However, Communications and Marketing may edit your submitted publication as needed for grammar and style according to standard publication guidelines.

NMU has three professional graphic designers on staff for designing publications. The cost of their service is paid by the requesting department.

With the proliferation of desktop publishing programs on campus, some departments may choose to format their own publications.

University Marketing and Communications or Printing Services may make modifications to your publication prior to printing to meet acceptable standards of design or readability.

Desktop publishing programs should be used to design layouts, rather than word processing programs or "cut and paste" procedures.

You may be asked to provide a diskette for publications prepared on a desktop publishing program for ease in editing of content or format. Printing Services has both MS-DOS and Macintosh format, using QuarkXPress and PageMaker 6.0 and PageMaker 6.5 desktop publishing software. If your office or department chooses to format its own publication(s), University Marketing and Communications recommends that your purchase either PageMaker or QuarkXpress.

Publications Procedures

  1. Consult with University Marketing and Communications prior to beginning your publication. Among other things, the objective and audience, format, and design can be discussed, as well as the time schedule necessary to complete the work.
  2. Request a printer's estimate of cost or arrange for competitive bids.
  3. Before you submit a draft for review by the university editor or the director of University Marketing and Communications, double check the following items:
    • Signature: The Northern Michigan University signature should appear on a prominent position in your publication.
    • Names: Check the spelling of all people and place names. Even the most familiar name is not immune to misspelling.
    • Dates: Make sure that your dates and days correspond with each other.
    • Phone numbers: Verify that all phone numbers are correct.
    • Courses: The name, number and description of each course should correspond exactly as it appears in the University Bulletin.
    • Tuition: Check with Admissions to make sure the figures you are using are current.
  4. Provide a typed manuscript or draft layout for editing by the university editor or director of University Marketing and Communications. (If you do not do this prior to submitting your publication for printing and there are errors, Printing Services may contact University Marketing and Communications for pre-printing approval or editing, resulting in the delay of your publication.)
  5. If typesetting or layout work is contracted, you will approve the final project before printing. Printing Services or Learning Resources may consult with University Marketing and Communications at this point.
  6. Please provide University Marketing and Communications with a copy of the finished product.