NMU Student's Photo Featured in Lansing Exhibit


MARQUETTE, Mich.— Emma Tembreull of L’Anse is among 22 students from Michigan’s public universities selected to have works displayed in the Michigan House of Representatives’ annual Art in the House exhibit. She is pursuing a double major in photography and physiology at Northern Michigan University.

Tembreull’s photograph, titled “Dawning,” features her younger sister as the subject with spruce roots wrapped around her limbs. Tembreull describes the piece as a portrayal of something that is both beautiful and contorted.

“Despite the snarls life entwines into our story, we always have the choice to keep moving forward,” Tembreull said. “Shadows aren't concrete, and while clouds may blot out our sun, they too aren't permanent, especially once you learn to embrace a more optimistic attitude.”  

The student art pieces are showcased in the Anderson House Office Building in Lansing.

Prepared By
Abby Roche
Student Writer