Suicide Prevention Expert Gives NMU Talk

As a former California Highway Patrol officer, Sgt. Kevin Briggs helped convince hundreds of people contemplating a suicidal leap off the Golden Gate Bridge to come back over the rail and give life another chance. Briggs will speak publicly about his suicide prevention experiences on the bridge and beyond, along with his own life experiences, at Northern Michigan University. His talk begins at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 22, in Jamrich Hall 1100.

Briggs has dedicated his life to promoting mental health awareness around the country and across the world through Pivotal Points, an organization he founded to promote suicide prevention, crisis management and leadership skills. He spends his time speaking publicly about his suicide prevention experiences on the bridge, as well as his own life experiences while in the Army, as a police officer and as a cancer survivor. Briggs’ story and experiences have been featured in The New Yorker Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, NPR’s Bob Edwards Radio Show and People Magazine.

The event is hosted by Platform Personalities. Admission is free for NMU students and $2 for the general public. 

Prepared By
Abby Roche
Student Writer