'The Thirteen' Professional Choir Performs at NMU

This release was prepared by the Marquette Choral Society.

The Marquette Choral Society and the NMU Music Department will feature The Thirteen, the professional, New York based choral ensemble on Thursday, October 16 at 7:30 pm. The concert will be held at Reynolds Recital Hall on the campus of NMU. Admission to the concert is free.

The concert will feature, among others: John Taverner’s Western Wynde Mass, William Cornysh’s Salve Regina, William Lambe’s Nesciens Mater, and more. “The Thirteen is ecstatic to be performing this rarely heard repertoire that is at the pinnacle of the Canon of Western Music. Running the gamut from the jubilant to the reflective, the florid to the stark, and the secular to the sacred, our hope is to bring something entirely new to each concert-goer,” states Artistic Director, Matthew Robertson.

The Thirteen is comprised of thirteen musicians from around the country specializing in early music. Robertson describes The Thirteen as “committed to a non-hierarchal music making process where every member plays a part in the artistic choices of the Choir, bringing about a unity and depth of voice.”

Now in its third season, The Thirteen has quickly garnered a reputation of excellence among top American professional choirs. The choir maintains a busy schedule of home concerts, master classes at universities and tours throughout the nation. The Thirteen’s newest CD RADIANT DARK was released in Fall, 2014 to critical acclaim. It features the works of Robert White, John Sheppard and more. Information about The Thirteen is available at: www.thethirteenchamberchoir.com.




For the Marquette Choral Society: Beth Gruber, Public Relations Manager, bag12@albion.edu

For The Thirteen: Catherine Stahl, Communications Director, info@thethirteenchamberchoir.com


Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director