MARQUETTE, Mich.—Northern Michigan University will host the 10th Sonderegger Symposium on Friday, Sept. 17, in the West Science Building’s Mead Auditorium.

            The day-long event features presentations on topics related to Upper Peninsula history and culture. Featured speakers include NMU faculty, alumni and independent researchers.           Following a welcome and introduction at 8:30 a.m., the morning presentation topics and times are as follows: “Wine Making in the Upper Peninsula, Past and Present,” 8:45 a.m.; “Historic Native American Use of the Proposed Woodland Road Corridor and Yellow Dog Plains, Marquette County, Michigan,” 9:15 a.m.; “Alex de Tocqueville in the Upper Peninsula,” 9:45 a.m.; “Who was Tsu Ming Han?,” 10:30 a.m.; “Home-Made Jam: Finnish Music and Dance in Aura, Michigan,” 11 a.m.; and “Cornish Wrestling in the U.P., A Near-Forgotten Sport” at 11:30 a.m.

Afternoon sessions and times are: “African-American Community at Elmwood, Iron County,” 1 p.m.; “Club Life: Visual Representations of Group Identity in the U.P.,” 1:30 p.m.; “Douglass Houghton Opens the Upper Peninsula,” 2 p.m.; “Ancient Bridges and Light Keeper’s Dumps: A Phase 1 Culture Rescue Survey at Fort Wilkins State Park,” 2:45 p.m.; “Blaney Park Resort: Enjoying the UP Environment,” 3:15 p.m.; “Linguistics and Health Care within the Finnish Culture,” 3:45 p.m.; “U.P. Then and Now in 3-D,” 4:15 p.m.; and Closing remarks at 4:45 p.m.

            The Sonderegger Symposium is hosted by the NMU Center for Upper Peninsula Studies, with financial support from the Sonderegger family.


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