Northern Michigan University students will perform a dramatic reading of “El Gesticulador” (The Imposter), a political drama by Mexican playwright Rodolfo Usigli, as the final project in their Spanish theater performance class. The single showing is scheduled at 4:15 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 30, Jamrich 102. Admission is free. The play will be performed in Spanish, but aids for English-only speakers will be provided.

            The script was adapted by Timothy Compton, head of the department of modern languages and literatures at NMU. The 14 students enrolled in the managed all aspects of the production under Compton’s guidance.

            “El Gesticulador” is regarded by many literary historians to be the first important work of modern Mexican drama. It deals with the issues of historical accuracy, honesty, corruption and politics. 

            “The universal themes allow any audience to enjoy the play, especially with the upcoming election in mind,” said Compton. 

            Written in 1938, “El Gesticulador” focuses on César Rubio, a history professor in Mexico. A professor from Harvard takes Rubio for a famous and missing general by the same name from the Mexican Revolution. Publication of his “discovery” unleashes a remarkable set of events. As Rubio assumes his new identity, he is pressured to run for governor despite his family’s mixed feelings. Rubio’s corrupt opposition becomes determined to come to power while Rubio quickly gains popularity.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director