In keeping with Northern Michigan University’s focus on internationalization, students in a French literature class are launching a trivia contest that is open to the campus and local communities.

            Prizes will be awarded to four individuals—two whose questions are selected from all submissions and two who are selected at random from among those who answer the questions correctly.  

      Contestants are asked to submit a trivia question related to the history or culture of France or French-speaking regions and peoples to NMU professor Tara Foster at by Sunday, Nov. 2. The answer to the question should be included in the e-mail. 

            The first question selected will be posted on the department of modern languages and literatures Web site at on Monday, Nov. 3, with answers requested by Sunday, Nov. 16. A contestant is not eligible to win for answering his or her own question but may answer the other question. The second question will be posted on the Web site on Monday, Nov. 17, with answers requested by Thursday, Dec. 4. Winners will be selected at random, announced on the department's Web site and notified by e-mail so that they can make arrangements to pick up their prizes.

            Here are sample questions used in promoting the contest: How tall was Napoleon?  When did the first French-speaking settlers arrive in the Marquette area?  Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering which fruit on the French-speaking island of Guadeloupe?  Popular musician Youssou N'Dour is from which French-speaking country in Africa?

            For more information, e-mail Foster.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director