MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University faculty and staff were recognized at an April 10 luncheon for reaching retirement or various years-of-service milestones. Awards were also presented for excellence in service, effective use of technology in the work environment by staff, and distinguished team service.

            Recipients of the 2006 Excellence in Service Awards are: Kathryn Dawe of the registrar’s office, Terry Johnson of the School of Nursing, David Bonsall of the student activities and leadership programs office, Brian Larson of administrative information technology,  Eric Smith, director of broadcast and audio-visual services and Kristen Rasmussen of the admissions office.

            Staff members involved in two technology-related projects – “Improving the Student Teaching Application and Evaluation Process” and “Automating Orientation” – received the 2006 TLC Staff Award. They are Kim Rotundo, Cheryl Andrews, Judy Hopper,  Janice Crawford, Eric Johnson, Annette Brown, Kevin Goethe, Brian Larson, Tony Bertucci, Chris Lewis, Michelle Ranta and Roxin Zhang.

            The Distinguished Team Service Award was presented to the Superior Edge Task Force for its work in developing the new initiative, which is now in the pilot phase. The task force is comprised of faculty, staff and students. Members include: Brian Cherry, Kathleen Thompson, Francella Quinnell, Anne Stark, Cara Kamps, Dave Bonsall, Helen "Bitsy" Wedin, Carolyn Lowe, Ronald Sundell, John Frick, Rachel Harris, Michael Andary, Paul Duby, Robert Fleming, Charles Ganzert, Robert Kulisheck, Kevin McDonough, Walter Niebauer, Mary Pelton-Cooper, Sandra Poindexter, John Vickers and NMU students Kevin Duby, Sara Barclay and Allie Mundell, Betsy Ott, Aaron Jorbin and Jennifer Schingeck.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director