MARQUETTE – Students from the community relations and crime prevention class at Northern Michigan University are seeking volunteers to help clean up trash in the areas surrounding the Gwinn Department of Natural Resources (DNR) field office from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, April 22.

            The meeting point for the event will be the DNR field office. Clean-up sites will be disclosed upon arrival. Volunteers should bring work gloves and shovels. Maps will be available.

There will be a cook-out afterwards for all participants, which will include hot dogs, hamburgers and cold beverages.

            The class chose to do the clean-up instead of taking a final exam. Senior criminal justice major Kristen Belair said that she and her classmates are aiming to emphasize the importance of recycling.

            “We think that it’s really important for the public to learn about the area’s recycling facilities—where they’re located, what can be recycled, etc.,” she said. “The clean-up illustrates how much trash people just dump anywhere they want.”

            Belair added that the class has put together a brochure for the public that contains facts and penalties pertaining to waste disposal. The brochure also lists the scheduled waste disposal areas for 2006. It will be available at township halls and the Marquette DNR office.

            For more information, contact Belair at 906-869-3196.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz