MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University’s Leadership Banquet will be sponsored by Dobson Communications, which provides local wireless phone services under the Cellular One brand name.

            Bill Bernard, associate provost at NMU, said corporate sponsorship was needed because base-budget funding for the banquet was recently eliminated as part of campus cost-saving measures. The company’s donation of $9,250 will cover the entire cost of this year’s event. The banquet is scheduled for Thursday, April 20.

            “I was thrilled when Dobson Communications agreed to sponsor this, because it was on the verge of being gone,” Bernard said. “This is one of our really positive events to highlight student leaders, and I was looking for any way to keep it alive. I read an article about Dobson wanting to fund an educational event, so I contacted them with a proposal and they accepted the offer.”

            The annual NMU Leadership Banquet is a longstanding tradition. For two decades, it has provided an opportunity to recognize students, advisers and student organizations for their contributions to the campus community.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz