MARQUETTE – “Artworks for Me,” an after-school program sponsored by Northern Michigan University, will hold activities during the month of March 27-April 29 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at Father Marquette Middle School.

            The activities are designed for grades 5-8 and will be taught by NMU art education students with supervision NMU and Father Marquette faculty. There is a $5 fee for each activity. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, March 27: Ojibwa Dream Catchers

    Explore the culture of the Upper Peninsula’s Native Americans while creating a traditional dream catcher with natural materials. Please bring a small personal item such as a charm, earring, button, pin, etc.
  • Wednesday, March 29: Tapa Cloth

    Experience the Polynesian culture while participating in the printing and papermaking process used to create tapa cloth cover for personal journals.
  • Monday, April 10: Folk Art of the Ex-Voto

    Explore the Mexican Ex-Voto (a miniature painting on tin) to commemorate a personal event. Participants may want to bring a small photograph for reference.
  • Wednesday, April 12: Celtic Contact

    Participants will decorate their initials using the old Celtic style on parchment paper, and explore the elaborate calligraphy used to decorate the Book of Kells.
  • Tuesday, April 18: Persian Miniatures

    Participants will decorate a personal story/event or poetry in the old style of the Persian Miniatures and explore the design used to decorate the Book of Kings.
  • Wednesday, April 19:  Sumi-e Painting

    Find how Zen Buddhist monks used haiku poetry and sumi-e ink scrolls to express the beauty and simplicity of nature. Participants will also create their own scrolls.
  • Monday, April 24:  A Quilt Square

    Learn about the history and use of quilts in the Underground Railroad. Participants will also create their own symbols of freedom on quilt squares.
  • Wednesday, April 29:  Pastel Self-portrait

    The one subject that all people share is the self. Self-portraits are not just a reflection but also an interpretation. Participants will create their own self-portraits, and may want to bring a small mirror.

            For more information, contact Father Marquette at 226-7912.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz