MARQUETTE – Roland Fryer, a Harvard University economics professor, will give a presentation titled “The Racial Achievement Gap and What to Do About It” at Northern Michigan University. His talk is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 21, in the Great Lakes rooms of the University Center.

            Fryer will discuss the racial achievement gap between blacks and whites in education, and what can be done to bridge it.

            After rising from a childhood where he was exposed to drugs, crime and parental abandonment, Fryer earned an economics degree in two and a half years. At 27 years old, he is recognized as one of the country’s best young economists. In his research, Fryer applies scientific and economic tools to issues of race and inequality, and has co-authored work on such subjects as the black-white achievement gap, the causes and consequences of distinctly black names, and colorblind affirmative action.

            This event is free for NMU students with ID and $2 for the general public. It is sponsored by Platform Personalities and the student activity fee. For more information, contact 227-2447.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz