MARQUETTE – An introductory class in Chinese calligraphy and landscape painting will be offered at Northern Michigan University during the winter 2006 semester. The class will run from 10 a.m.-noon Saturdays from March 18 through April 22 in room 414 of the Cohodas Administrative Center.

            Li Szu of the Qin dynasty drew up an official index of Chinese characters in 213 B.C., and unified the written form for scholarly use. Since then, five major styles of Chinese calligraphy have developed: seal, regular, clerical, semi-cursive, and cursive. All five styles of writing are still in use today. 

            Landscape paintings have traditionally been China’s favorite art. They are used as both an intimate expression of nature and a way of conveying profound emotions. The Chinese use landscape painting to experience the oneness of nature and soul.

            This one-credit class, taught by NMU Professor Renxin Yang, is part of the Hot Topics Series sponsored by the NMU College of Graduate Studies, Research and Continuing Education. It will teach students basic skills in using Chinese brushes, ink, and color. Both undergraduate (UN 050-90) and graduate (GD 989-90) students may register. The registration deadline is March 13 because of minimum enrollment requirements.

            For more information, contact Yang at 227-1120 or the college at 227-2300.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz