MARQUETTE –Gov. Jennifer Granholm has proclaimed November “Return to Learn” month, saying a college degree can be the ticket to increased personal income and a stronger economy. Northern Michigan University is one of several state campuses participating in the initiative.

          “The governor recognizes that increasing the number of college graduates in Michigan is a key to attracting the kind of businesses that can turn the economy around, and we stand ready to do whatever it takes to help citizens finish their degrees,” said NMU President Les Wong.

          Michigan is above the national average for the percentage of adults having some college credit, but no degree. According to a news release issued by the governor’s office, states with the highest number of college graduates are also the states with the strongest economies and the lowest unemployment rates.

          NMU invites working adults to learn more about career opportunities available to those with postsecondary credentials.

          “We’re always looking to help students return to the classroom, whether they are former Northern students who didn’t finish and need to come back, or whether they attended elsewhere but want to complete their degrees here,” said Kevin Stulz, assistant director of admissions at NMU. “We have admissions policies in place to help both the re-entry student and the new transfer student.”

          Stulz said “Return to Learn” could also apply to individuals who graduated from college, but might be interested in additional training within their profession or an advanced degree that will enable them to shift careers.

          For more information on the opportunities available at NMU, call 800-682-9797 or visit www.nmu.edu/returntolearn.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director