MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University has developed two new academic programs for undergraduates. The forensic biochemistry program, a field made popular by television shows such as CSI, is scheduled to start in the fall 2006 semester.  The accounting/financial planning program – a combination of two programs that already existed at NMU – began this fall semester.

            “Many prospective students and several current students have expressed an interest in the forensic biochemistry program and related careers,” said Eugene Wickenheiser, a chemistry professor at NMU. “Our program is a combination of chemistry, biology and criminal justice courses that prepares a student for a career in the forensic sciences.  During their degree program, students will learn to apply techniques for the analysis of such things as DNA fingerprinting, drugs, gun-shot residue, and hair and fiber analysis as well as the extensive theory behind these techniques.  The program was designed by the chemistry department and the directors of several crime labs.”

            According to Wickenheiser, students should prepare for this program by having a strong science background, including courses in chemistry and biology.

            Several students have also expressed an interest in the combined accounting/financial planning program that provides 150 credit hours. In Michigan as well as other states, 150 credits are required in order to be able to sit for the Certified Public Accountant exam. NMU’s accounting/computer information systems program also offers 150 credits, but after graduating from the new program, students will be able to sit for both the Certified Financial Planner and CPA exams.

             “We believe that this new program will better serve our students and prepare more knowledgeable graduates,” said Marge Sklar, director of academic affairs at NMU’s college of business.  “The best thing that students can do to prepare is be up to date on their communications and math skills.  They should also be aware of the college of business prerequisites and work toward meeting them during their first two years here.”

            For more information, contact the chemistry department at 227-2911 or the Walker L. Cisler College of Business at 227-2900.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz