MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University students have a new way to shop at local businesses, thanks to the new Wildcat Wallet program established by ASNMU, the university student government organization.  By simply showing their NMU ID cards to participating businesses, students can receive discounts on things such as haircuts, food and car washes. 

            “The Wildcat Wallet is designed to save students money in a convenient way.  Also, the businesses who agree to participate receive free advertising on the ASNMU website, so it benefits both parties,” said Michelle Cox, president of ASNMU.  “In the past, ASNMU had a Student Saver Card program. It was a business card that listed a group of local businesses who were participants of the program on the back. By showing your Saver Card, it would automatically guarantee you whatever discount was available for that business. However, we spent lots of money getting cards printed, so we needed to figure out a better way, and now we have.”

            Thirty-three businesses are already part of the program, and according to Cox, the list continues to grow.  The complete list and the discounts that they offer can be found at  Participating businesses also have bright yellow cards in their windows to identify themselves to students.  Businesses that are interested in participating can contact ASNMU at 227-2452.

Prepared By
Becky Kratz