MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University’s fall enrollment has increased 3.6 percent and credit-hour production is up 3.1 percent from a year ago, according to 10th-day figures released by the office of institutional research. Northern’s preliminary headcount is 9,379, compared with 9,055 in 2004.

          "Based on the 10th-day comparisons with last year, I do anticipate that we will at least reach the targeted goal of 9,607 for Fall 2005 by the end of the semester,” said Paul Duby, associate vice president for Institutional Research. “This figure will surpass our previous high enrollment figure of 9,376 set in Fall 1980.”

          Duby said the number of graduate students has increased 13.3 percent. He attributes it to the leadership of Cynthia Prosen, who was appointed as dean of the graduate studies earlier this year, as well as a more focused effort to market the programs.

          The freshman class is larger than projected, and the academic credentials of baccalaureate first-time, full-time freshmen continue to increase incrementally.

          “The sophomore class is up more than 6 percent,” Duby added. “I believe that’s due to increased retention from last year’s record-high freshman cohort. We typically retain 73 percent. I’m hoping that has gone up to the 75 percent range, but the retention figures haven’t come back yet.”

          Duby said Northern is holding its own in attracting Michigan students, despite intense competition.

"Northern also has a slightly more diverse student population this year, thanks mainly to a noticeable increase in Native American students.”

          Duby said Northern's student population is 54 percent female.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director