MARQUETTE – The only thing better than a world-class musical troupe is two of them at once.  Music-lovers will get a double dose of excellence in Crystal Falls when two well-known family groups – the Jarvela Family Band from Finland and White Water Family Band of Amasa – perform in the historic Crystal Falls Theatre at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14, as part of Finn Grand Fest 2005.

            The Jarvelas are led by Mauno Jarvela, well-known fiddler and composer who is also associated with JPP, a world famous group of young folk fiddlers. Jarvela is dedicated to educating people about Finnish music using his own popular ‘Sisu-ki’ teaching system. The entire Jarvela family joins him in performing superb traditional Finnish music.

            The White Water Family Band is celebrating 20 years of music making. Founders Dean and Bette Premo and children Evan and Laurel play a variety of music and instruments. They promote traditional music in the Midwest through their musicianship, four-part harmony vocals, and engaging stage presence.

            The Premos, who operate the environmental consulting firm and laboratory called White Water Associates, weave nature themes into their performances. Their Michigan roots, which go back many generations, have inspired their musical stories about the people of the Great Lakes.

            The Crystal Falls concert will be a reunion for the Jarvelas and Premos, who visited and performed at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland last year. The concert will have special appearances by pianist Craig Johnson, composer-pianist Jukka Linkola from Helsinki, and the double bass-soprano combination of Evan Premo and Mary Bonhag.

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Prepared By
Larry Chabot