Marquette, MI -- Advance registrations for Finn Grand Fest 2005 scheduled for August 10-14 in Marquette, Michigan will be closing on July 17. Festival organizers are encouraging participants to mail in their printed forms or register on-line at by that date.


“With thousands of participants already registered, we certainly want people to get their reservations in now so they’ll make sure they receive tickets to their preferred events,” stated Pauline Kiltinen, President of Finn Grand Fest 2005. “By waiting until the actual dates, many of the popular programming may be sold out and we don’t want people to be discouraged. Tickets to the Gala Concert, the Finn Hall Variety Show, the Banquet and the World’s Largest Sauna are in most demand.”


For a daily fee of $3 - $9 for youth, $12 - $24 for adults, or full festival adult fee of $60, registrants can gain access to a variety of programming covering topics such as Finnish community studies, the Winter War, generational perspectives, genealogy, travel to Finland, crafting, cooking, discussions on Finnish feature films, and books by Finnish authors.  The marketplace, entertainment, and several unique Finnish sporting events, such as the boot toss and wife carrying contest, are also open to registrants.


A full schedule of events is available at For more information, please call 1-906-222-FINN or 1-800-906-FINN.

Prepared By
Carol Fulsher