FinnFest USA Membership Meeting Set

The annual meeting of member organizations of FinnFest USA will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 just before the official start of Finn Grand Fest 2005 in Marquette, Mich. The meeting will be held in the Don H. Bottum University Center on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

Those planning to attend are asked to check the message board in the Finn Grand Fest 2005 registration area in the Peter White Lounge of the University Center for the exact meeting location, which will be in a nearby meeting room. Finnish organizations that have paid dues for 2005 are eligible to be represented at the meeting. Those who have paid dues for 2004 will receive a mailing with credential forms. They are asked to bring to the meeting their 2005 dues checks along with the credential forms for their delegate.

Other organizations may renew or start their membership in FinnFest USA at this meeting by bringing a check for $40 annual dues and filling out an application form. Organizations with memberships of 250 members or more are encouraged to voluntarily double their dues payment to $80.

The business of the meeting will consist of electing three members to three-year terms on the FinnFest USA Board of Directors, receiving reports, and acting on other relevant matters. FinnFest USA is a coalition of local Finnish organizations all over the United States. Each organization sends a representative to the annual meeting, usually held at the FinnFest USA festival. This meeting elects members to a nine-member national board that oversees the annual FinnFest USA festivals.

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