MARQUETTE, Mich. – What do 2,000 blue and white chairs found in every corner of the City of Marquette, more than 100 workshops and presentations on the campus of Northern Michigan University, reindeer on the university lawn, and the countries of Canada, Finland and the United States have in common? 


Finn Grand Fest 2005, that’s what. 


Finn Fest is the annual traveling celebration of Finnish-American heritage.  Finn Grand Fest is held every other year as the combined Canadian and American festival.  This year’s Finn Grand Fest will take place Wednesday through Sunday, Aug. 10-14 on the campus of Northern Michigan University and throughout Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. More than 8,000 people are expected to participate.


Media members planning to cover the festival who have not already registered for press credentials can do so by going to  Click on the “media” and then “media credential application” links.  


Limited on-campus housing is available, but the deadline to apply is June 15.  Local lodging accommodations are becoming scarce, so media members are strongly encouraged to attend to this matter if they plan to cover Finn Grand Fest 2005.


For more information, contact Cindy Paavola ( or Kristi Evans (, Finn Grand Fest 2005 press liaisons, NMU Communications and Marketing Office.

Prepared By
Cindy Paavola
Director of Communications