MARQUETTE – Six Northern Michigan University students have been invited to give presentations at a history symposium from 1-4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 11, at the NMU University Center. The symposium is titled “Presentations on Regional History and Beyond.” The event is being held in conjunction with the installation of NMU President Les Wong.

 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  The following students will participate:

 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Michigan (cities listed alphabetically)

 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Charlotte: Journey Steward, a senior history major, will present “Job Corps at Northern Michigan University;” Holly: Natalie Scheidler, a senior history major, will present “Upper Peninsula Folk History;” Ironwood: Elizabeth Grbavcich, a secondary education post-baccalaureate student, will present “Marquette Women in World War II;” Marquette: Matt Gougeon, a senior history major, will present “Henry Cleary and the Motorized Lifeboat;” and Skandia: Nick Dupras, a junior history secondary education major, will present “Reactions to Black Student Protest at Northern Michigan University.”


 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Ohio

 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  Cincinatti: David Liviskie, a senior in history secondary education, will present “ELF and the Upper Peninsula.”

Prepared By
Jessica Holman