MARQUETTE – WNMU-FM/Public Radio 90 has implemented streaming technology to make its programming available on the Internet. The service will extend the station’s reach to listeners with Web access around the globe.

“Public Radio 90 has long struggled with reception problems in the challenging geographical terrain of the Upper Peninsula,” said program director Gregg Beukema. “The solution is now just a click or two away. This will be very beneficial to listeners who travel. Whether they head downstate or for warmer climates in the winter, they won’t have to miss the great programs.”

Beukema added that webcasting is part of the stationÂ’s strategy to become more financially independent as it reorganizes after a reduction in operational funding from the university.

“I’m confident that increased listening via our Web site will ultimately lead to more listener contributions,” said Evelyn Massaro, WNMU-FM station manager.

To access the webcast, go to and click on the "Listen" link at the top of the main page. Visitors will be directed to another page that gives them options to select the streaming format compatible with their computer's operating system. 

Public Radio 90 has also partnered with NMU Athletics to provide online coverage of football, basketball, hockey and volleyball games on the NMU Sports Network. To access, go to the same address listed above and click on “Listen: Wildcat Sports Net.”

Public Radio 90 was able to implement the streaming technology thanks to a Corporation for Public Broadcasting Rural Listener Access grant.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director