MARQUETTE – The Upper Peninsula Middle Start Network recently awarded more than $48,000 in grants to U.P. partner schools for local educational projects. The network is part of a national middle grades initiative funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It is directed by the Upper Peninsula Center for Educational Development at Northern Michigan University.

Teachers in 10 schools received 19 separate awards to fund projects to enhance Middle Start goals of academic achievement, healthy development and social equity. Details follow:

•Aspen Ridge Middle School in the N.I.C.E. school district was awarded $4,000 to continue a collaborative site of practice and inquiry with the Marquette-Alger RESA. Teacher Vanessa Taavola received an additional $4,000.00 for a project entitled Making Every Student a Better Writer.

•Principal Mike Steber of Washington Middle School in Calumet received $3,990 for a middle school alternative education project.

•Escanaba Jr. High School teachers Darci Griebel, Marie Young and Peggy Gillis received three awards totaling $6,663 for programs in support of the Clear Lake Education Center, weather curriculum, and Languages of Love.

•Gladstone teacher Laura LeMarche received $3,550 to develop a middle school parent-teacher service organization.

•Hancock Middle School teachers Emilie Lancour and Jessee Chynoweth were awarded $2,324 to develop and outdoor awareness course and a reading fluency program.

•Phelps Middle School in Ishpeming was awarded $4,800.00 for projects by teachers Carol Maas and Sara Munson entitled Celebrating Literature and Languages of Love.

•Teachers Sara Moyle and Holly Warchock of Bothwell Middle School in Marquette received $3,100 for developing an action plan for improving student academic excellence and for Reading at All Levels projects.

•Negaunee Middle School teachers Janet Koehs, Suanne Trebilcock, and Billie Stedman were awarded at total of 11,823 for three proposals dealing with teaching with love and logic, increasing reading proficiency, and connecting science and social studies. Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚   

•Teacher Erin McNamara of Newberry Middle School was awarded $2,000 for the development of an Accelerated Reader program.

•Sault Ste. Marie Middle School teachers Geri Taeckens and Dorothy Brown received $3,077 for programs focusing on acceptance and tolerance and non-fiction reading.

The U.P. Middle Start Network is comprised of 20 middle schools. It is completing the second year of a three-year grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation totaling $385,574 that was written by Carl Wozniak, director of the U.P. Center for Educational Development at NMU.

The Center is a joint operation of NMU and the seven intermediate school districts of the Upper Peninsula, designed to increase educational achievement and citizenship among regional learners.

"For more information, contact Wozniak at 227-2017."

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director