Â  MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University will provide certification for the electrical line technician program offered by the Lake Superior Community Partnership Foundation. NMU and LSCP representatives announced details of the new educational alliance at a news conference this morning.

 Â  The two-semester program prepares students to install and maintain above-ground and underground electrical systems that supply energy to residential and commercial customers. Graduates are certified for employment with public utilities, electrical transmission contractors and related companies.

 Â  “There is a nationwide shortage of qualified workers in this field, which is creating a high demand for certified line technicians,” said Bill Rigby of the School of Technology and Applied Sciences at NMU. “Beginning this fall, Northern will supervise the program and manage the curriculum. Participating power companies will provide specialized instructional services.”

 Â  All courses are offered at the Midwest Skills Development Center (MSDC) at Sawyer. Students are trained to construct electric transmission systems; construct and operate electrical power distribution systems; identify substation components; climb towers and poles; identify methods of electrical generation; communicate technical information; and relate electrical theory to electric power systems.

 Â  Students are also Red Cross certified and receive a commercial driverÂ’s license prior to graduation, making them immediately eligible for employment.

 Â  "We are extremely excited to enter into a partnership with Northern Michigan University for our electrical line technician program,” said Gary Erickson, president of the LSCP Foundation. “The mission of the foundation has always been to promote and advance efforts in workforce and economic development in the Upper Peninsula. This program is a proven model that can be replicated as other employer training needs become known."

 Â  The line technician program is in its second year. Twenty-eight students comprised the first graduating class in April.

"For more information, contact Bill Rigby of NMU at 227-2135 or Amy Clickner of the LSCP at 226-9658."

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director