MARQUETTE  – Northern Michigan University’s Wildcat Shuttle has begun its third year of service to the campus and has added a new stop to this year’s route. 

There is no charge to students, faculty, staff and campus visitors to ride the shuttle.

The program uses two blue and white MarqTran buses, which run continuously from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  At 10 minutes to the hour until 10 minutes past the hour, both buses will depart from the Learning Resource Center.  One will carry students to the Jacobetti Center while the other will go to the Superior Dome.

For the remaining 40 minutes of each hour the buses will run longer 10-stop routes.  These stops will be at the Learning Resource Center, Jacobetti Center, Lincoln Street Apartments, Seaborg Center entrance of the Seaborg Science Complex, Fair and Harden, Seventh and Harden Drives, Lee and Seventh, University Center and the Superior Dome. A new stop has been added in the Lee Hall entrance circle.

Riders can flag down the buses anywhere along the routes.  For more information and a map of the bus routes visit the Wildcat Shuttle website at http://publicsafety.nmu.edu (scroll down on the left navigation bark to Parking Bureau and then the Wildcat Shuttle link).

“Although we’ve closed some parking lots due to construction, we’ve also added the new Whitman Hall lot so we still have about the same number of parking places.  However, parking is now located around the parameter rather than in the interior of the campus,” said Darwin Gager of NMU’s public safety department.  “Campus members and visitors are encouraged to find a parking place and then use the shuttle to move about the campus.”

Prepared By
Cindy Paavola
Director of Communications