MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University now offers four payment options that give students and their families more choices and flexibility when it comes to meeting their financial obligations.

The options are as follows: pay all charges in full by the tuition due date; pay full tuition and fees and one-third of housing charges by the due date, with the housing balance covered over two subsequent installments; pay total charges over four monthly installments, which is known as the “easy pay” option; or defer paying the full balance for about a month while expected financial aid awards and other tuition payment methods are finalized.

To participate in the easy pay or deferral plans, students must sign up by the Aug. 1 tuition due date. There is a non-refundable service charge of $50 for the easy pay plan and $75 for the deferral plan. 

“We are trying to accommodate some of the situations that may prevent students from paying their full balance on time,” said Brian Zinser, director of marketing at NMU. “In addition to the expanded range of payment options, the new system will allow students to make their financial accounts accessible to third parties. This will make it more convenient for their parents or others who help cover their educational costs.”

NMU tuition bills are scheduled to be mailed July 15. For more information on the new payment options, visit www.nmu.edu/paymentplans.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director