MARQUETTE – The NMU Board of Trustees approved a $79.3 million general fund base budget for fiscal year 2004. It includes $4.8 million in reductions recommended by the Budget Alternatives Committee, a 6.9 percent increase in annual tuition and fees for resident undergraduate students, and a 4.8 percent room-and-board increase.

 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  If state support for higher education declines through additional executive orders and/or deeper cuts in the proposed state appropriation, the board will reevaluate the possibility of implementing additional cost-saving measures on campus, tuition increases, or a combination of the two.

 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  The tuition and fee increase will amount to $330 per year for full-time undergraduate students from Michigan, bringing their annual cost to $5,110. Room and board will go up $264 per year to $5,724. Nonresident undergraduates will pay $8,278 in tuition and fees per year, an increase of $546 or about 7 percent.

 Â Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚ Ã‚  In other action at its May 1-2 meeting, the board approved the addition of a new diploma program in local corrections. It will go into effect with the winter 2004 semester.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director