MARQUETTE --Despite the current national and global economic situation, graduates of Northern Michigan University are finding the job market more accommodating than national surveys might have implied.

In the latest report from the NMU JOBSearch Center, based on five years of cumulative data, nearly 81 percent of responding graduates indicated they are employed in a field directly related to their degree within six months of graduation.

“I think these numbers are very positive given the way the economy is,” said John Frick, director of the JOBSearch Center. “The employment rate for our students is above what one might expect – which reflects well on NMU and Northern students.”

Nearly 22 percent of responding graduates indicated they are continuing their education at either full-time or part-time status. Frick said there is some overlap between the employed and continuing education categories since there is an opportunity for people to work and further their degrees at the same time, leaving 6.3 percent of responding graduates indicating that they were unemployed.

Northern students are finding success in all avenues of the job market, but Frick said 73 percent of reporting graduates are staying in Michigan. He said the success of the graduate in landing his or her first job begins early in the college career and requires a little bit of legwork.

“We encourage students to start the job hunting process at the end of the sophomore year,” Frick said. “It’s never too early to start working on a resume or beginning the networking process. They can also attend the Career Awareness Days we sponsor in the fall of each academic year. We encourage students to go face to face with their prospective employers.

“Since NMU is somewhat geographically challenged, it helps if future graduates can free up some time to travel to an area where they’d like to work. It’s important to use technology – the Web, e-mail, job search Web sites – in their quest to find employment, but it’s not going to get them their dream jobs. Technology is a great tool for researching a company, its products and competition. But students have to be more in control of their futures if they want to succeed."

"For more information, contact John Frick at 227-2800."

Prepared By
Ryan Sjoholm