MARQUETTE - There have been a number of criminal cases in recent years in which DNA analysis has been used to convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent.

But another, perhaps less visible scientific method relies on a common insect - the fly - to provide valuable clues in homicide investigations.

Forensic entomologist Dr. Bernard Greenberg will be in Marquette to present a lecture entitled "Maggots and Murder: Flies as Forensic Indicators." His presentation is scheduled at 8 p.m. Thursday, April 3, in 105 Jamrich Hall on the NMU campus. The public is encouraged to attend.

Greenberg is a professor emeritus of biological sciences at the University of IllinoisChicago. Through slides and discussion, he will describe how basic fly biology has been used to help solve actual homicide cases. Greenberg has served as a forensic entomology consultant for more than 50 homicide cases, and was the subject of a one-hour BBC special, "The Natural History of Crime." He also has authored more than 100 publications dealing with entomology.

The lecture is sponsored by the NMU chapter of Sigma Xi, a national honorary research society.

"For more information, call Suzanne Williams in the department of chemistry, 227-1068."

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director