MARQUETTE--Westwood High School teacher Steve Annelin is the first graduate of NMU's new Seaborg Center-sponsored master of science degree program in mathematics education, or MSME.

"This is a big day for me," Annelin said upon successfully completing his oral examination. "it was a lot of work and I'm glad it's over, but I'm very pleased."

For his master's project, Annelin developed an integrated use of hand-held calculators for the Westwood mathematics curriculum. Originally enrolled in NMU's graduate education program, he switched to MSME when he saw it announced in the Seaborg newsletter.

"It offered a lot of things I couldn't get in the regular education program," Annelin added. "It fit what I was doing, and I got to work with a lot of ideas I never would have seen otherwise."

Annelin teaches two classes of applied mathematics, one class of pre-algebra and one class of beginning algebra at Westwood.

The MSME program is expected to turn out two more graduates next year.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director