MARQUETTE – Beginning in September, 8-18 Media will expand its audience by producing broadcast features and commentaries to air weekly on WNMU-FM, Public Radio 90.

The three-minute reports will run during the Sunday Weekend Edition program between 9 and 10 a.m. EST.

“One of my points of emphasis is bringing more young people into our established audience,” said Evelyn Massaro, who recently became station manager of Public Radio 90. “I noticed 8-18 media when I visited the Children’s Museum and found out they

were already doing some radio features. I was extremely impressed at how professional they sounded. We’re excited to broadcast reports produced by young people that offer a youth perspective.”

To prepare for the joint venture and enhance the quality of the on-air product, Massaro and Nicole Walton, local Morning Edition host and news reporter at Public Radio 90, presented a workshop for members of 8-18 Media. A youth journalism program of the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum, 8-18 Media is based in the UPCM facility on Baraga Street in Marquette.

The workshop covered the following topics: identifying the focus of a story; reporting – who to interview, what to ask and why; and putting the piece together using elements like natural sound. The students practiced vocal exercises and various delivery techniques to hone their skills. They also gathered sound and learned new techniques for editing the final radio piece.

Linda Remsburg, 8-18 Media director, said her group is looking forward to the partnership with Public Radio 90.

“We’re excited about broadening our audience; it’s an audience we respect and appreciate,” Remsburg said. “We’ve wanted to do this for a long time because we’ve done Public Radio-style news reports. The kids have something to offer that audience. This will be an added way to get youth voices out there as part of the public discourse.”

Remsburg said 75-80 kids are involved in 8-18 Media at any given time. Of that number, about half have worked on radio reports. The group’s work has been featured regularly on WMQT-FM. Members also produce print journalism features for the Mining Journal.

"For more information, contact Massaro at 227-2600 or Remsburg at 226-7874."

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director