Story idea - National Student Employment Week

National Student Employment Week is being celebrated on college campuses across the country from Monday, April 8, through Saturday.  At Northern Michigan University, all departments have been asked to find ways to recognize their student employees at some point during the week.

There are about 1250 student employees working at NMU.  This includes both work-study and nonwork study employees.  The largest employer on campus is dining services, which employs more than 600 students.

In the Marquette community, 287 positions were confirmed by NMU's Jobsearch Center as being held by Northern students during the time period of July 1, 2000 thru June 3 0, 200 1. Theses students generated an estimated $ 1. I million in wages.  That is the most recent Jobsearch Center review of positions in the community.

"Student employment is truly a mutually beneficial experience," said Rhea Dever, assistant director of the Jobsearch Center.  "Employers benefit from the valuable skills and contributions of the students and students are able to build upon important job skills, establish a work history and develop employment references."

According to Dever, research indicates that students who work part time (20 hours or less), on average, get better grades than students who don't work while going to school, and they become better time managers.

For more information on NMU's recognition of National Student Employment Week, contact Dever or John Frick, director of the Jobsearch Center, at 227-2800.

Prepared By
Cindy Paavola
Director of Communications