Board of Trustees Meeting

The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees will meet Thursday and Friday, May 2-3.  The regular session agenda follows this notice.

At the Friday business meeting, scheduled to begin at I p.m., the board is expected to vote on proposed tuition and fees for the 2002-03 academic year.  President Judi Bailey, Board of Trustees President Dan DeVos and other NMU administrators will be available for 30 minutes after the meeting adjourns to answer media questions about the cost of attending NMU.

In an effort to move toward "paperless" meetings, the agendas, formal recommendations and other relevant board materials are now available on the Web.  You can access them by following these brief instructions:

1. Log on to the Board web site at and click on Board of Trustees

Board Book Site (Note.- If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, click on

Download Reader to load the program on your computer).

2.    Click on Board of Trustees material-, for Mqt 2002.

3.    If you click on the Bookmarks tab just to the left of the Schedule page, an index of the

Board Book will be displayed and you may move through the site by clicking on each section.  You may also use the small arrows directly below the page display to move through the site page by page.

4.       You may print selected pages at any time by clicking on the Adobe Print icon which is located just above the Bookmarks list.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 227-2720.




Thursday-Friday, May 2-3, 2002

Board of Trustees Meeting Room, 602 Cohodas Administrative Center

Thursday, May 2

          1:00 P.M.                      REGULAR SESSION CALLED TO ORDER - Chair Daniel DeVos

          1:00 P.M.                      Authorization to Hold Closed Session of the Board of Trustees on

                                                 Thursday, May 2, 2002 (SPECIAL ACTION ITEM - ROLL-CALL

                                                VOTE) - President Judith Bailey

          1:05 p.m.                         REGULAR SESSION RECESSED.

          1:45 p.m.                         REGULAR SESSION RECONVENED (Focus Discussion - Facilities

                                                Update and Future Planning) Chair DeVos

          3:30 p.m.                         REGULAR SESSION RECESSED.

          Friday, May 3

          1:00 P.M.                      REGULAR SESSION RECONVENED - Chair DeVos

          1:00 P.M.           1.         Introduction of Graduating Senior to Speak at Spring Commencement

                                                 Saturday, May 4, 2002 - Mr. Edward Niemi

          1:05 p.m.              2.         Introduction of Recipients of Board of Trustees Student Achievement

                                                Awards and Non-Traditional Student Award for 2002 (See Formal

                                                Recommendation J-2) - Mr. Matthew Wiese

                                                            Eric Martin

                                                            Layla Wright

                                                            Rebecca Brockman

                                                            Amy Luoma

          1: 1 5 p.m.            3.         Introduction of Recipients of NNW Distinguished Faculty Awards for 2002

                                                (See Formal Recommendation J- 1) - Dr. Fred Joyal

                                                9 Dr. Paul T. Andronis, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology;

                                                0 Dr. John E. Rebers, Professor, Department of Biology;

                                                0 Dr. Harvey A. Wallace, Head and Professor, Department of Health,

                                                       Physical Education and Recreation

REGULAR SESSI( r@ AGENDA                                                                             Page 2

Thursday-Friday.  May 2-3, 2002

            I-.25 p.m.       4.              Introduction of Mr. Mark Delorey, Director of Financial Aid, and Report

                                                   on Financial Aid - Dr. Joyal, Mr. Delorey

            1:30 p.m.        5.              President's Report - President Bailey

            1:35 p.m.        6.              ASNMU Report - Mr. Nathan Leach and Ms. Carissa Waters

            1:45 p.m.        7.              Committee Reports:

a.     Academic Affairs - Ms. Mary Campbell

b.    Finance - Mr. Ellwood Mattson

            1:55 p.m.       8.         2002-2003 General Fund Base Budget, Tuition and Fees, and Room and

                                              Board (See Formal Recommendations 1-1, 1-3 & 1-6) - Dr. Michael Roy

            2:05 p.m.       9.         Campaign for Northern Update - Ms. Virginia Zinser

            2: 1 0 p.m.     10.       Discussion of Proposed Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for Calendar

                                              Year 2003 - Ms. Pam Grundstrom

            2:15 p.m.       11.       Speaker/Honorary Degree Recipient for Spring Commencement (See

                                              Formal Recommendation H- 1) - President Bailey

            2:20 p.m.       12.       Individual Requests to Address the Board - Ms. Grundstrom

            2:25 p.m.       13.       Announcement of Closed Session to be held in Connection with the

                                              Thursday-Fn'day, August 8-9, 2002, Regular Session of the Board -

                                              President Bailey

            2:30 p.m.       14.       Action on Formal Recommendations

            2:3 5 P.m.      15.       Other Business: Discussion - Board Members

            2:40 P.m.       16.       Suggestions for Agenda Items for Next Meeting on Thursday-Fn'day,

                                              August 8-9, 2002 - Board Members


Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director