MARQUETTE - Northern Michigan University's Virtual Advising Web site recently received the Outstanding Publication Certificate of Merit in the electronic category from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

The Virtual Advising Web site started to shape up last spring when Kim Rotundo, assistant director of the Academic & Career Advisement Center, and Cindy Schwartz, principal secretary of ACAC, began working together. In November they put up a Web site "to provide resources for students who currently don't have an adviser such as distance learners, part-time students and dual-enrolled high school students," Rotundo said.

By January it was clear that a number of traditional students utilized the Web site as well, so they promoted it to all students.

"Our goal is not to eliminate personal advising," Rotundo said. "Students ideally would go to this site to have basic questions answered."

In return students are more prepared when meeting with their personal adviser.

Rotundo and Schwartz will receive the award at NACADA's Special Award Presentation and Reception held this fall in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the Web site will be on display.

The Virtual Advising Web site address is: www.nmu.edu/advising/. Rotundo can be reached at 227-2971.

Prepared By
Kristi Evans
News Director