MARQUETTE - Northern Michigan University will offer three courses for early childhood educators as part of Summer College 2002. The following courses are designed for individuals who work with preschool, kindergarten or early elementary children and include required ZA endorsements:

Guidance and Cooperative Learning (ED 554, 3 credits): Meets from 12:30-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, June 17 to July 3. It reviews the theory and research of children's social and personality development and covers adult-child relationships, peer relationships and community services available to families and children. It also emphasizes implications of the theory and research for curriculum development that fosters cooperation. Elizabeth Farragh, an adjunct instructor at NMU and teacher at Kingsford Middle School, will serve as the instructor.

Family and Community Relations (ED 555, 3 credits): Meets from 7:30-11 a.m. Monday through Thursday, June 17 to July 3. This course presents and discusses the vital role of the family in early childhood education programs. It addresses family support principles and the vast range of support services available to families within the community. The course also emphasizes developing a culturally appropriate and family-centered program.

Rose Potvin will be the instructor. She has worked in education since graduating from NMU in 1973. In addition to teaching at various grade levels, she has worked as the coordinator of Title 1, special education, 0-5 special needs, and Family and Child Education (FACE) at Hannahville. FACE, a literacy program serving children prenatal to 8 years of age and their families, has documented nationwide improvements in parental involvement and student achievement. Hannahville was recognized in 1999 as the best among 32 program sites across the country. FACE is unique to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, but Potvin said the concept could be applied anywhere.

Early Childhood Internship/Seminar (ED 557, 4 credits): This course, which meets at an arranged time, involves co-teaching experiences in two different settings: infant through 4-yearolds and kindergarten through 3d grade. The seminar provides opportunities to work with children and families and to integrate theories of child development and teaching practice. It addresses such topics as the professional code of ethics, review of policy manuals, a survey of the current trends in the early childhood profession, and legislation and public policy. The instructor is Debra Thatcher, associate dean for teacher education at NNW and dean of the School of Education. Please contact Thatcher at dthatche@nmu.edu prior to registration.

To register, contact the student service center at (906)227-1221. For more information on these and other Summer College courses, visit www.nmu.edu/summer/

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Kristi Evans
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