MARQUETTE -- Area childcare professionals can receive university credit toward a degree for certified training they've received through an articulation agreement between Northern Michigan University and the 4C of the U.P. Association.

Through this agreement, childcare professionals would be eligible to work on an NMU associate or bachelor's degree in Applied Child Development and Early Childhood.  The students would receive advance placement credit for designated early childhood courses taught at the university to those who have successfully completed related training and are recommended by the 4C of the U.P. or one of its affiliates.

For instance, a childcare professional who completed the Michigan 4C Association's Basic Futures Training and Advanced Training would receive advance placement credits for two university psychology courses, Educating the Young Child and Developmental Child Related Services.

The agreement allows for a total of 22 possible articulation credits.

"This agreement will help caregivers who have previous training obtain a university degree in an expedient manner," said Karen Suksi, NMU psychology professor and program coordinator.  "By 2003, many federally funded programs will require a Child Development Associate certificate or an associate's degree.  Already, many franchised programs are requiring university degrees for directors for organizations that provide child services.  The agreement between NMU and 4C allows training that is currently being done in the field to be interpreted into credit toward a degree."

More information about application procedure is available by calling the 4C of the U.P. Association at 906-228-3362 or Suksi at 906-227-1429.

Prepared By
Cindy Paavola
Director of Communications