Russian Food Network

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and International Studies and the students of RUS 311/EN 311: Russian Experience, invite you to sample Russian culture through The RUSSIAN FOOD NETWORK project, featuring the cuisine of Russia and its surrounding regions.  Each project includes a recipe selected by the student, and the student’s experience of preparing this unfamiliar dish along with a recommendation for a reading selection from Russian literature to accompany the dish. Below are some of the student projects over several years of this course, which is in session every other fall.  Additional recipes are added when the course is in session

Fall 2017 Recipes

Main dishes

Beef Stroganoff — accompanied by Russian Fried Potatoes

Cabbage Pirog

Fish Burgers Stuffed with Cod Livers

Pelmenee (Stuffed Noodles in Bouillon)


Strawberry Apricot Kompot

Nastoy Shippovnika (Hibiscus Cold Tea)