Important Course Information for Winter 2013 (Spanish only)

Important Information for Winter 2013 Spanish Courses

1.  Students who have taken the old SN300 should NOT take SN315 next semester or at any point in the future.  (The Registrar's office would count that as a repeat.)
2. Students who have taken the old SN400 should NOT take SN301 next semester... (It's a repeat...) 3.  Students who have taken the old "Advanced Spanish Grammar II" (SN 495--offered F2010 & F2009) should NOT take SN302.


3. SN202 students this semester may take EITHER SN301 or SN302 next semester.
4. SN301 students this semester may take SN302SN310 or SN495 next semester.  Or they can take more than one. (NOTE: SN302 is very full next semester, while theSN310 sections and SN495 have capacity; plus, SN302 is at an unreasonable hour [8 am]; plus, Prof. Compton requires homework every day.)
5. SN302 students this semester may take SN301SN310 or SN495 next semester.  Or more than one.
6. We have had some students struggle to register for SN310 or SN495 because the system didn't recognize the old SN300 as a valid prerequisite.  We THINK we have rectified this problem, but if you are trying to register for one of these courses and can't, e-mail Professor Compton: and he will vouch you in.
7. Professor Arenillas' SN495 course will study 12 movies made since 2000 focusing on Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.