Hispanic Theatre Performs La juez pequeña

the cast

Above: The cast of La juez pequeña

Hispanic Theatre Class Performs La juez pequeña

The Hispanic Theatre Performance class (SN 381) is offered every fall at NMU, and a new play is performed each year.  This year, SN 381 performed their theatrical adaptation of Mexican playwright Alberto Lomnitz’ play La juez pequeña ("The Little Judge").  The event took place in Jamrich 102 on Monday, November 5 at 4:30 pm.

La juez pequeña spotlights a peculiar court that hears only minor cases. On November 5, 2012, the theatre audience had the opportunity to observe three such minor cases and be part of the jury that tried them.  Audience participation was sweetly rewarded.

The extensive cast of characters ranged from a distraught ant (yes, the insect) to an elephant trainer to the entire solar system. 

The night's performance concluded with the line, "Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that our work will never end."  Let us hope that SN 381's fine performances won't either.   

la juez

Above: Danielle Schafer as Juez.

the quarreling siblings

Above: Michael Moran and Nicole Vermeulen as the quarreling siblings Hermano and Hermana.

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La juez pequena




Parte 1

Parte 2

Parte 3

Parte 4

La juez pequeña cast:

Alaina Badgerow as Niña Cruel, Domadora del circo, Patricia, Madame Polet, Marte, Pájaro
Conor Esselink as Fiscal, Ciego, Plutón
Maria Hoffman as Anunciadora, Doña María, Júpiter
Stephanie Kropf as Defensora, Ciega, Urano
Michael Moran as Hermano, Oscar, Saturno
Danielle Schafer as Juez, Rosa María, Neptuno
Kathryn Schuster as

Iris, Mamá de Ciegos, Mercurio

Nicole Vermuelen as

Hermana, Sra. Chapitín, La Hermanita de Iris, Venus, Directora de Escuela

Timothy Compton as

Paleta, Hormiga, Sol, Revolucionario

  Maria Conor Kathryn Stephanie

From left to right:  

Alaina Badgerow, Maria Hoffman, Conor Esselink, Kathryn Schuster, & Stephanie Kropf