Courses in French

FR 300 Reading and Writing
FR 305 Conversational French and Phonetics
FR 310 Introduction to French Civilization and Culture
FR 361 Survey of French Literature from the Medieval Period to the 17 th Century
FR 362 Survey of French Literature of the 18 th and 19 th Centuries
FR 363 Survey of French Literature of the 20 th Century
FR 400 Advanced French Composition and Grammar
FR 426 18th Century French Literature
FR 428 20th Century French Novel
FR 438 Cultural and Artistic Heritage of Europe
FR 495 Special Topics in French

Courses in German

GR 300 German Reading and Writing
GR 305 Conversational German
GR 310 Introduction to German Civilization and Culture
GR 400 Advanced German Composition and Grammar
GR 410 Advanced German Civilization and Culture
GR 495 Special Topics in German

Courses in Spanish

SN 300 Reading and Writing
SN 305 Conversational Spanish
SN 310 Introduction to Spanish Civilization and Culture
SN 312 Introduction to Spanish America
SN 400 Advanced Spanish Composition and Grammar
SN 425 Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Spanish Literature
SN 428 20th Century Literature of Spain
SN 429 20th Century Literature of Spanish-America
SN 495 Special Topics in Spanish

Other Courses

LG 340 Introduction to Linguistics
LG 350 Methods and Materials in Teaching Language Education