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Alyssa Chomiczewski - Marketing Specialist

Alyssa is currently a senior at Northern Michigan University majoring in Marketing, with a minor in Art & Design.

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Austin Morris - Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Austin is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering Technology, with a Mechanical Design concentration and CNC certificate. After graduation, Austin plans on pursuing a career in research and development.

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Devin Kau - Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Devin is a senior at Northern Michigan University majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology with associates degrees in Mechanical Design and CNC Technology.  He is keeping his options open as to where to work after graduation.

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Julie Wilhelmi - Project Manager

Julie is a junior at Northern Michigan University pursing a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship. After graduation she would like to establish a music venue.

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Justin Minor - Human-Centered Designer

Justin is a senior at Northern Michigan University majoring in Human-Centered Design. After graduation he plans to pursue a career designing for various companies. He also has ambitions to open his own design studio.

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Katelyn Tessin - Public Relations

Katelyn is a Junior at Northern Michigan University majoring in Public Relations. She has interest in marketing as well. After graduation, She would like to keep her options open, pursuing a career in Sports and Entertainment PR. 

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Kyle VanDyke - Human-Centered Designer

Kyle is a sophomore at Northern Michigan University majoring in Human-Centered Design. Upon graduation he plans to pursue a career working for a design firm, as well as pursue freelance work.

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Mike Wilber - Project Manager

Mike is a junior at Northern Michigan University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Mike would like to work for a marketing agency where he can assist in the development and implementation of marketing campaigns.

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Pierson Boyer - Project Manager

Pierson is an NMU student pursuing his Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Corporate Administration. After graduation, Pierson wants to pursue a job in consulting and eventually launch his own tech based company. The guy also loves birds, so if all works out with his first business, maybe start an aviary. Simple man, simple dreams.

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Tiffany Nutt - Graphic Designer

Tiffany is a non-traditional junior at Northern Michigan University studying Graphic Design. She is looking forward to working in her chosen field after graduation as well as continuing hobbies like photography.

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Trevor Pianga Photo.jpg

Trevor Pianga - Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Trevor is a senior at Northern Michigan University studying Mechanical Engineering Technology with a concentration in Engineering Design. He also is currently working towards his CNC Technology certification. After graduation, he wants to attend graduate school to further his education and knowledge relating to engineering technologies.

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