Taking Your NMU Mobile Device

The NMU Asset Management Office wants you to know and understand the following policies before you take your NMU leased mobile device abroad.    

Repairs and Theft Are Not Covered

NMU notebook computer in a classNorthern Michigan University’s insurance policy does not cover claims for repairs or theft that occur outside of North America.  Because of this, asset management recommends that students who take their mobile device out of the country purchase additional insurance in case of theft or damage.  Students or their parents may contact their insurance provider about adding the mobile device system to their existing coverage. Return of the mobile device may be an alternative if you are concerned for the safety of your mobile device while abroad. Please familiarize yourself with the mobile device repair policy before leaving the United States.


Students who have a leased mobile device issued and whose classes do not meet on NMU’s campus for the semester will be charged the rental fee for the mobile device.  Currently, the rental fee is $385 per semester.  Please return the mobile device before you leave campus to avoid being charged the rental fee for the mobile device while you are studying abroad.  Please go to http://www.nmu.edu/tuition.

Eligibility for Mobile Device

You must be registered for NMU classes by the established deadline dates to be eligible to continue using the mobile device. The deadline date is always the day that grades are due, the Tuesday after fall and winter commencement.  Please make arrangements for someone to register for you if you will not be able to register yourself during pre-registration.  The collection process and late fees begin on the Wednesday following graduation.

Important Contacts

Please contact asset management at thinkpad@nmu.edu  OR  call 906-227-1422, 1256 or 2822 if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Information will be sent via NMU e-mail. Remember to check your NMU e-mail weekly.