Health Assessment and Insurance

All Northern Michigan University study abroad students are encouraged to maintain adequate international insurance coverage during the period of the time abroad.   You are also strongly encouraged to maintain adequate domestic insurance.  Your health and safety are very important. 





  • We strongly recommend that you have a thorough medical and dental examination prior to your departure for your study abroad program.
  • Make a list of your current health care insurance coverage.
  • The overseas coverage provided by your study abroad program is often secondary coverage and does not replace your primary domestic insurance plan. We strongly recommend that you maintain U.S. domestic coverage for the duration of your study abroad program. 
  • After reviewing your coverage, if you feel you are not adequately protected, you may wish to invest in a supplemental plan. NMU partners with HTH Worldwide and students can request to receive coverage by contacting Susan Morgan.


International Student I.D. Card (ISIC)

Some students benefit from discounted prices when traveling, especially in Europe. Your NMU Wildcat Express I.D. may not be accepted as valid proof of student status in most other countries. That’s where an ISIC can come in handy. The ISIC carries basic sickness and accident insurance, including minimal emergency evacuation coverage, [plus access to a 24/7 traveler assistance hotline in case of medical, legal or financial emergency. The ISIC can be purchased at cost in International Programs during normal business hours.  To find out more, go to: