ELI 2014 Four-Week Summer Business Program

Academic Service Learning Program


The English Language Institute (ELI) is pleased to offer a Summer Program to any interested students. In addition to our five sections of seven-week sessions throughout the year, our ELI program offers a four-week summer session based around an academic service learning program where all students work with a real client, in addition to in-class instruction/learning.


This program introduces participants to American culture and society, education, and business procedures while improving students English language ability. Through our English language program, project work with a real business client in Marquette, involvement in local activities, participation in social events with Americans (from NMU and the Marquette community), participants will become acquainted with American culture, the U.S. education system, and the American way of life. Working

Lake Superior.jpg

and playing within the friendly and safe local community of Marquette, Michigan, participants will partake of various opportunities situated within the geography of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes and the largest fresh water lake in the world.



  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Offered during the month of July
  • Open to students of all English-speaking levels
  • Small class size (10 - 18 students).
  • Academic Service Learning groups made up of five students
  • Cultural exposure of U.S. through activities and visiting within the friendly community of Marquette, MI
  • Language Partners for the full four weeks
  • Conversation Mentors, which meet once every week
  • Occasional evening lectures on American Culture, local history, and more
  • Activities and field trips every Saturday

The ELI Program is situated in Whitman Hall. The office of the Director, Dr. Jo Doran, is 163 Whitman. The Study Hall, open to all students during the day, Monday - Friday, is 151 Whitman.


This course will help students to focus on writing for general and specific business audiences and understand the ethical dimensions of workplace communication. Students will learn to write in context by analyzing professional cultures, social contexts, and audiences - with help from the NELI Director and instructors. In addition to learning English, students will focus on how to do the following:

  • Develop methods of communication, research, drafting, and revising documents, both individually and collaboratively
  • Determine roles and responsibilities in a business environment
  • Manage team conflicts constructively
  • Respond constructively to peers' work
  • Solicit and use peer feedback effectively
  • Achieve team goals
  • Analyze professional contexts
  • Locate, evaluate, and use print and online information selectively for particular audiences and purposes
  • Communicate with a client through ongoing discussions and feedback
  • Learn to create a professional PowerPoint for project and client presentation

Additionally, students may use primary research methods, such as interviews, observations, and surveys to collect data.

Students will be expected to read and respond to handouts given in class, based on students' language abilities - and with the help of instructors.

All students will keep a personal project log, where they reflect on the academic service learning project/work.




Northern Michigan University, founded in 1899 and situated on a 360 acre campus, is home to over 120 international students and 9,200 U.S. students. NMU houses the Seaborg Science Complex with more than twenty four laboratories, the Thomas Fine Arts and Art and Design buildings/departments, a university theater, an award-winning library, a student/university center, two art galleries, and an advanced sports/recreation complex. NMU also owns an 18-hole golf course. NMU's home page can be found here.

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Here is a wonderful, if short, YouTube video of Marquette in the summer. For pictures of Marquette, click here. More pictures can be found here. A Wikipedia article on Marquette can be found here.



The ELI Summer Program is taught by two instructors and the ELI Director. The courses, taught Monday through Friday, are divided into four sections: Service Learning Project, Lunch, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing:

Times Description

9:00 a.m. -

11:00 a.m.

All students meet with the ELI Director to work on the Academic Service Learning Project. At times, students will travel with the instructors to meet with their client, discuss the project, and receive feedback from the client.
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. Listening/Speaking class: Based on English language needs and/or Client Project needs
2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Reading/Writing class: Based on English language needs and/or Client Project needs
Evening Various speakers will be scheduled throughout the four-week session during the evening.
Saturdays Local activities or a field trip will be scheduled each Saturday.
Sundays These are 'free' days, and good days to get together with your language partner - or to work on schoolwork.

The Academic Service Learning Portion of ELI's Summer Session offers students the chance to work with a real business client. This project, if done well, can be included on the student's resume/CV. Additionally, if the student does a very good job, the client may write a letter of reference for that student.

Examples of previous projects include the following options for a local company in Marquette, MI:

  • An advertisement flyer
  • A tri-fold brochure
  • A usability testing questionnaire
  • Redesign or adding text to a company website
  • Creating posters for a local company, such as UPAWs or the local chapter of the American Red Cross

Additionally, each student will work individually with the NELI Director and create business cards and a professional resume.

The project culminates in a Presentation Day, where each group of students presents a PowerPoint of the entire project for the client - and an overview of the actual project. Clients attend this ceremony, as do all instructors and other summer session students.



Orientation assessment by ELI instructors and Director will be performed the first day of the session. All language classes include teaching methods of input, output, focus, and accuracy within a communicative learning situation.



To apply for ELI's Summer Session, contact Ms. Angela Maki: anmaki@nmu.edu



The total cost for the program is $3,225 and includes the following:

  • Instruction
    • 20 hours of instruction per week
    • Textbook
    • Conversation Mentor Program
    • Language Partner assigned to each student
    • Various night and weekend activities
    • A real business experience working with a Marquette, MI client
  • Room
    • Twenty-seven nights, with mini-fridge
  • Board
    • A 50-visit meal plan
  • Activity Fee
    • Local transportation in Marquette, MI
    • Entry into some activities
    • Welcome picnic,
    • Closing ceremony
    • Lodging in Chicago hostel
    • Airport transfers
  • Health Insurance
    • Coverage May 12 - August 14