Financing Study Abroad

MoneyThink you can't afford to study abroad? You may be wrong! A growing number of NMU Donor-Funded scholarships are specifically designated for study abroad, and many sources outside the university may help. Most NMU students rely on a combination of personal savings, family support, financial aid and additional loans.

NMU Donor-Funded Scholarships support the internationalization efforts of the University and reflect the generosity of private donors - some of them alumni of their own study abroad experiences. International Program coordinates the selection process for the following Foundation awards:

Other scholarship sources: A number of NMU's partner programs sponsor scholarships and grants to assist students. Professional organizations and national endowments also support students who study abroad. You may qualify for one of the following:

Financial Aid: If you plan to use need-based financial aid toward your study abroad, you must complete the U.S. Department of Education Free Application for Financial Assistance - the FAFSA. Then, meet with your study abroad advisor and a financial aid officer.