Salve! So it’s been a crazy few weeks here in Rome. Right now I’m in the middle of mid-terms.  A major difference I have noticed is that we learn a lot in a short amount of time. But it’s ok, it keeps things challenging. But enough about that :D. Let’s take a more extensive tour of Rome, see some of the sights, shall we?

First, I decided to explore a new part of Rome that I have never been to, San Giovanni. This area is just to the south of the city center.

Before entering this little neighborhood, I was passed on the street by a wedding couple taking their pictures.

When I made it into San Giovanni, I felt like I was in another town all together. I did not feel like I was walking through a huge city, just a tiny town that I could see myself living in.
And then I passed this building and the reality was that no, this was still Rome.
Walking back towards the city center, I arrived on a hill next to the Colosseum. This is where the palace of Emperor Nero is buried. The people hated him so much after he killed himself that they filled in his house and they covered the exterior with dirt. Now there are places where you can see the ruins. It usually is open to the public, but the day I went it was still closed.

Like I said, its mid-term week, so exploring has been to a minimum. But March 19th is the start of spring break, so that will be some new adventures with new cultures to share with everyone back home.

Until then Buona notte!

Jennifer Leech

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