Cuba Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Matanzas, Cuba via Northern Michigan University

Cuba classic carProgram Information
Students can study at the University of Matanzas in the following fields: physical education, social sciences, humanities, agriculture, chemistry, economics, engineering and computer/information science. These courses are all taught in Spanish.

Students who are advanced-level speakers of Spanish can study in Cuba during the fall or winter semester (or both). Students who do not speak Spanish well can learn Spanish at Matanzas during the fall semester, then take other subject courses during the winter semester (must commit for two semesters).

NMU assists students with the booking of  flights (via Mexico or Canada), visa, health insurance and overnight hotel bookings (if necessary). An NMU faculty member will travel with the students to Cuba to help them get settled and select classes.

Location Information
Students study at the University of Matanzas on the north shore of the island of Cuba, about 60 miles away from Havana. Matanzas is called the City of Bridges because of its three rivers. It is also known as the “Athens of Cuba” by virtue of the historical architecture and monuments. The city’s population is about 170,000. Students live in dorms, a store can be found on campus for basic necessities and a cafeteria offers meals.


Program Requirements
Anyone interested in this program must be enrolled at Northern Michigan University. Students currently enrolled at a different university must withdraw from that school for the length of the study abroad program and enroll as a full-time student at NMU. For more info click here.

CubaMore Information
Here is a quote from an NMU student currently studying in Cuba:

 “The school is right across from the ocean and the town of Matanzas is full of Spanish colonial buildings, and classic cars roam the streets; it is really beautiful. All of the students and faculty have been welcoming and curious toward us.”

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For more information email Susan Morgan or call 906-227-2510.